Outfit: Karina Inspired Casual

I built this outfit from a vague recollection of a picture of Anna Karina painting. I knew she was wearing an oversized red sweater (like my new one) and skinny lightwash jeans and a boater hat. After running around in this and snapping pictures of the outfit I looked up the original inspiration only to realize she was wearing little black ballet flats and a black boater (or matador?) hat. So I sort of fudged it on the details, but the brogues and socks were a wiser choice for our grey day and rainy weather (you can see it mizzling in the pictures). It's just a simple sweater and jeans outfit, but with my little hat on top I can feel almost like a French New Wave actress for the day... 

*the inspiration*  



  1. So cute! I love that boater hat! Lovely lovely outfit.


  2. It's nice to see how a casual outfit can become more memorable with details like this. Also to be inspired rather than simply copying an outfit.


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