Outfit: Mad for Plaid

Fall is lingering in a beautiful way over here. The weather turned crisp quite early, but hasn't changed that much and trees keep gradually changing. I'm a little afraid many of these beautiful leaves will be gone before the week is out due to the wind and rain we've had the last few days, but I have my fingers crossed a few will continue to hang on. In the mood of all things fall it seems appropriate to be wearing buffalo plaid and a novelty sweater. A pygmy hedgehog has long been high on my list of dream pets; I almost got one while I was in Pennsylvania but never bit the bullet and it's probably good since it would have been a complicated pet to move. Hedgehogs are so adorable though, I know they can be tricky as pets (and apparently they're overbred) but a girl can dream. Until I have my own menagerie of actual pets I'll stick to cute ones on my sweaters!
Here's a quick styling tip if you want retro looking outfit using modern pieces: limit your color palette to 2 or 3 colors and match, match, match! Style in the 50s and 60s was very coordinated; your lipstick was supposed to match your nails and shoes and purses would always be the same color. So if you're working with modern pieces but want to look more retro or vintage definitely wear as few colors as possible and match every detail you can. It sometimes looks too coordinated to a modern eye, but that's sort of the point!

details: beret, sweater, Choies skirt, old tights, BaliElf oxfords, old purse, Newgate watch c/o
*pictures by Thomas*


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