January Moodboard: Feeling The Forties

While home for Christmas I fell in love with vintage clothing all over again. We spent many of our free days with family combing through local vintage and antique emporiums and heading home with a few lovely treasures. As much as I've loved 1950s styles in the past, lately I've been wanting to add more of a 1940s influence to my style. I'm working on some guides to recognizing/dressing in vintage and the 1940s has been appealing to me more than ever. This moodboard is a good summation of my style interests right now: 40s silhouettes, low heels with lovely details, (faux) fur collars, and dark berry lipstick. It makes me excited to play around in my closet to see how I can channel this era...Visit or follow my 1940s Pinterest board for more inspiration; I'll continue updating it as I find more pretty dresses and accessories that channel this decade.


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