Outfit: Dressing for the Forties

As I shared earlier with my January moodboard, I'm feeling very inspired by 1940s fashion lately. Since it's winter a good coat and a few accessories do most of the work for achieving the 1940s look. My next challenge will be learning a few 1940s hairstyles, although I might save that for spring or summer. It's too cold and windy lately for most hairstyles to last. Still it's good to be back "home" in Northern Ireland. So strange to think I've only lived here around six months now, but it felt like coming home after our busy holiday abroad...For anyone curious, I've included a short break-down of what is 1940s accurate in this look and what isn't below.

What is 1940s accurate:
-ascot scarf, which was made using a 1940s knit pattern
-coat, by Unique Vintage is very indicative of the shape and style of coats of this decade
What isn't 1940s accurate:
-dress, the dress is really the most modern piece that I'm wearing from the print to the shape
-hair, shorter hair styles were more popular and blunt or straight fringe/bangs weren't common
-shoes, based on a vintage design these shoes are more 1930s in style, 1940s heels were usually chunkier in design (platforms, wedges, and other thick heels)
-hat, berets were worn in the 1940s but they were usually more structured in shape
-tights, back seam nude stockings were popular in the 1940s, but the playful design on mine isn't very period accurate
-makeup, winged eyeliner and red lipstick would be a popular beauty look for this decade, but my eyeliner is a bit heavier and the lipstick is a bit dark

*all photographs by me*



  1. Wow, that coat is so gorgeous! I love all the buttons and the fit looks perfect.

    Christina | A Sentimental Adventure

  2. I absolutely love this! I really love your take on this style, even if it isn't truly accurate. This is really fun, I'm a newer reader but I'd love to see more of this period type styling!


    Apple Juice Flood

  3. so, so cute! and i really appreciate the outfit breakdown. i hope it won't be the last!

    i always love it when you take pictures at this location; your looks seem to stand out even more than usual. (:

  4. I love this outfit! The 1940s look is one of my favourites and it looks so cute especially styled up in a more modern way.


  5. The 40's style is the best style, and you look so cute in it! I wish I could pull it off...

  6. You look great Rebecca! I love the 1940s style dress on you. Also I've not visited in a little while but I love the layout! x

  7. Lovely! Your outfit is so cool, I like it very much, especially the coat :)


  8. This is so cute! I love it

  9. Amazing outfit, I love all the details in it.

    See my winter outfit with vintage 1980s faux fur coat (link)

  10. I love how you describe 40's style, well done! I'll take note of everything :)

  11. I really like the break down near the end of the post - super interesting and helpful for others! :)

  12. This look so suits you. That breakdown is really interesting and demonstrates the point that we can be vintage-influenced and styled without the need for authenticity. I'll take your look over something far more authentic any day! Karen x

  13. This outfit is super cute! I would totally wear it. I'm a sucker for vintage style. Polka dots are my favorite print and navy is my favorite color.

  14. A lovely 40s inspired look ~ being a vintage girl myself, I find it quite fascinating to see a modern take on a vintage outfit. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  15. I love 40's styles. This outfit is lovely! I have a question about your Royal Vintage shoes, which are perfect. I love the black and white pair in their online shop too and am thinking about splurging. Are they comfortable?

  16. I love this, such a great look and so interesting to read about the accuracy and what was really going down in the forties. I have a 100 year old neighbour and it's crazy to think she was probably about pur age in the forties. Imagine all the fashions she went through! Thank you for this grand post. Xxx

  17. This vintage dress really suits you a lot ,lovely 1940s look.


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