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It's no secret that I am a Valentino fan-girl. Valentino is one of the only fashion houses I still post on regularly because it's one of the only fashion names I still love without fail season after season. You see I'm not really interested in the names, I'm interested in the clothes. So, I had a brief dalliance with Rodarte when they loved tulle and ballerinas and was enamored with Carven when they were fresh on the scene and full of art influences, but my affections for both waned after seasons that didn't fit my aesthetic. It's just another reminder to myself that my aesthetic (what I am drawn to) is pretty consistent. Even for a brand I love, when they stop making clothes that interest me I move on.
Valentino is perhaps my longest running flirtation. It's a pretty one-sided thing since I love them and they don't know who I am (and I can't afford them!), but season after season my love is renewed with their fairytale-like frocks and romantic embroidery. This dress is very Valentino Pre-Fall 2015 and I'm pretty much in love with it (and yes I'm sorry the shop I got it from sold out but if I find it again I'll link to it here). What about you? Do you have a lot of brand loyalty with fashion or are you more fickle, follow where your gut leads?
I was reading an article last week about how retail stores have been suffering and how it was partly tied to skinny jeans. Skinny jeans have dominated the jean market for nearly ten years now and most tops are also designed to coordinate with said jeans, so the much of the retail market is driven by this style jean. Stores and businesses are convinced there needs to be a big change-up in denim styles to get people interested in shopping again (because if styles haven't changed in 10 years eventually we will have all the skinny jeans and coordinating tops we should need and only buy when one is falling apart/ruined/etc). A big new shape trend in denim would drive a lot of new sales and mean changes in every piece we pair our denim with--a different silhouette leg calls for a different shaped top. It makes sense logically and historically; denim and fashion trends tend to work in cycles and ten years is about the length of time as well. Look at how distinctive the 1920s were from the 1930s or the 1950s from the 1960s. How will we differentiate the 2010s from the 2000s and the 2020s? The denim trend is forecasted to be more culottes and wide leg trousers--which you might already be seeing in fashion blogs. I'm not against these changes (some would even argue it's a dying society and culture that refuses to update and innovate), but personally when I wear trousers I'm still addicted to my skinnies and the thought of a wide leg or culotte (on someone 5'1"?!) has no appeal. It goes back to my earlier thoughts on brand loyalty vs personal style loyalty. I understand the trends are shifting, I can even see the reasons why and acknowledge in a few years I'll probably look very "out of touch" or "dated," but to me that all doesn't really matter. I'll still be following my gut even if it means falling behind on the times.

*pictures by Thomas*



  1. Absolutely LOVE this dress on you! I have no interest in fashion myself and only developing my personal style now (I'm over 40) and on extremely tight budget so I guess I'll be as ficle as one can be at least for some time ;)

  2. This dress is so pretty, and what you said about denim trends is fascinating! I never really thought about that aspect of it. Fashion seems to be so cyclical by nature that I always just assumed skinny jeans wouldn't stay en vogue forever (though, like you, I love them more than any other silhouette). I don't really follow mainstream trends anyway, so I guess I'm okay with looking out of touch!

    xox Sammi

  3. What a cute dress!! The flowers are so pretty!
    I love the tights too!

  4. This is a wonderful dress and yes, Valentino just does the best embroidery dresses :)
    I just recently bought my first flared jean in more than ten years I guess. I never thought it would happen, but I actually got a bit bored of skinny jeans. And I experienced exactly that my shoes would look weird with it and I had hardly any shirts to wear.

  5. Stunning photographs, Rebecca, and I adore this dress. Would you please consider updating your post with a link to the article that discussed the skinny jean issue for the fashion industry? It's interesting because like you, I think being confident enough to stick to what you love and what works for your body and style is a huge accomplishment. And if that's hurting the industry, that's a shame—but perhaps the industry itself should shift to accommodate the new trend toward "Kondo"-ing one's closet, or, more simply, the desire for a consistent wardrobe that can be easily remixed, which is something you are a master at.

  6. Such a beautiful dress! I love your photos!


  7. I totally feel you on the skinny jeans issue. As someone who is petite-ish but also has wide hips, boyfriend fits/wide-cut/culottes/flares/etc. go off my hips and straight down, in a way that does not flatter the shape of my legs & curves even a little. Flares are a problem because of the petiteness - the jeans go out (again, wide hips), back in for a tiny bit, and then flare back out again, making my sides look like one of those funhouse mirrors. Not cute!

    Just my opinion, but I think interest in athleisure style and leggings-as-acceptable-bottoms has probably extended the life of the skinny silhouette, because a lot of longer, looser tops could be worn with either skinny jeans or leggings (or jeggings!)

    There's definitely room for more "straight" cuts, especially in business-casual settings where dark or black jeans might be acceptable, but it's personally not for me. I'm honestly surprised to hear that retail stores are suffering? The economy isn't bad and it does seem like trends are still moving at the same clip as usual, such as the aforementioned athleisure, or the 70s boho-suede revival that seems to be going on.

  8. Gorgeous dress! I'm definitely never giving up my skinnies, and honestly, it just makes sense for them to stay around because literally ANY kind of top works with skinny jeans. ANY kind of shoe works with skinny jeans. You are so much more limited with flares and other kinds of denim.

  9. 5'1" and dreading the return of wider pants. Maybe if nobody buys them....

  10. This is a gorgeous fashion shoot Rebecca! Well done. Your blue hair, pink purse, and romantic dress just really pop. I love my skinny jeans and leggings. I wore trousers and wide legs for years, but the skinnies and leggings are just cuter, so they are my go to pants. And I think it's great that people save money on clothes, and everything else we need. Why go into debt for such things? It's not worth it.

  11. I'll be there with you completely outdated in a few years wearing skinny jeans. It took me many years to realize how great they are, especially for my petite silhouette, and now I can't think of a time where I wouldn't want to be in them. I have a hard time letting things go. I still have jeans (funny enough that they aren't skinnies) from when I was 14 or 15 that I still wear once in a while over 10 years later.

  12. This dress is gorgeous! Such amazing details throughout. I noticed your nails match your hair and I love it!

    A Sentimental Adventure

  13. Love the dress so much! It also coordinates very well with your blue hair! <3


  14. If there's two brands I seem to always love they are Jean Paul Gaultier - I grew up with him growing up in the fashion world, he was my first style influence when it came to haute couture and parisian chic - and Ulyana Sergeenko who seems to always translate into her designs what my mind can't even begin to form into coherent images. I disagree with you on the part of culottes and short women, I'm about as tall as you are and I'm fat - size 44 - and I recently bought a pair of faux leather culottes that I find myself wearing all the time, with heels, with flats, I love them to pieces and I love the way I look in them. I don't think it's unflaterring for shorter women, I do think that is something we've been sold, like many other - to me - dated ideas about what one should be wearing when one has certain types of body and measures. I love boyfriend jeans and I love skinny jeans, I wear both models. I love midi skirts and hate myself in mini skirts. I have wide tighs and a huge bum, but I love wearing shorts. So in the end, I find that I am very faithful to my personal preferences and my personal style in detriment of what society and fashion rulers tend to sell. I will still be wearing my eduardian style blouses for years to come, and when the ones I own get ruined, I will certainly go looking for new ones!

  15. I love this dress. So delicate but playful!



  16. I love your blog! do you still take your own photos with your tripod or do you have someone taking them of you?? I would be so shy to take photos of myself in public D:

  17. That's so interesting about denim styles. I'd not heard that before.

    I don't really wear jeans at all as I can't wear wide leg or boot cut without heels and skinnies look awful on my shape, so I guess I'm single handedly keeping the fashion market afloat!

  18. This dress is fantastic on you - I love it! I also love the tights and I cannot believe that you have yet another pair with some kind of seam! And finally, because I haven't commented on it yet, I love your blue hair! Kx

  19. Love this!



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