Outfit: Pastels & Learning How To Dress With Blue Hair

Getting dressed with blue hair can feel like a bit of a challenge--especially in winter. I have so many floaty summer dresses in white or pastel shades that would complement the blue 'do perfectly, but winter coats and cozy sweaters that suit bright blue hair are a little harder to come by. I never really let having red hair dictate my style or even sought to flatter or complement red hair with my outfits. But blue is a different ball game with certain outfits looking plain wrong! Still I'm figuring my options out one day at a time and pink with blue is probably my favorite combination at the moment. It suits the ~romantic vibes~ in the air (and blogosphere) as everyone seems to have Valentine's Day on their mind and makes me feel like spring can't be too far away.
Most of my outfit is made up of older pieces in my closet, but what is new is this lovely bright pink mini bowler bag by Radley. For once I resisted the urge to add a novelty purse to my collection skipping past Radley's heart-shaped bags and scotty dog (so cute!!!) shoulder bag, and instead honing in instead on this retro bowler. It's a nice pop of color against the pastels in my outfit and will suit so many outfits going into spring and summer...can you tell spring is on my mind? I keep buying fresh flowers for our house and looking out the windows and sighing heavily. The day we snapped these pictures was quite windy, but I almost didn't mind since it was just so nice to see the sun again!    
*pictures by Thomas*


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