Outfit: That Hair Though

It is quite ironic that I'm wearing this tee today since tomorrow I'll be boasting a different hair color! Blue hair has been fun and in many ways it's one of my favorite hair colors (I just want to be a mermaid), but I've gotten bored of it and am ready for the next thing. (Also this is how much my hair instantly faded after washing it with regular shampoo and conditioner vs the no fade stuff I've been using!) The thing about my hair is: I like it, but I like it because I can play with it--cut it, dye it, etc. All of those things I wouldn't be able to do if I also wasn't willing to destroy it. I mean going blue requires bleaching, which is damaging. And while it's long now, for a few years I rocked a pixie cut shorter than most men's hair dos! It's sort of like the saying, "if you love something let it go." My hair wouldn't be half as fun or interesting to me if it always stayed the same. I'm also not trying to figure out what hair color or style suits me best, I'm just trying out different styles and colors to explore different aspects of my style. And I also really never want to be so attached to my hair (and the praise my long red hair gets because that is my most popular color and style by a mile) that I'm not willing to change it; I don't want to find my value or define myself by my hair color or length. I want to always remember it's just hair. It will grow back, colors will fade out, and in less than a year I'll show people pictures of my blue hair and they won't believe I looked like that for a few months. 


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