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It is quite ironic that I'm wearing this tee today since tomorrow I'll be boasting a different hair color! Blue hair has been fun and in many ways it's one of my favorite hair colors (I just want to be a mermaid), but I've gotten bored of it and am ready for the next thing. (Also this is how much my hair instantly faded after washing it with regular shampoo and conditioner vs the no fade stuff I've been using!) The thing about my hair is: I like it, but I like it because I can play with it--cut it, dye it, etc. All of those things I wouldn't be able to do if I also wasn't willing to destroy it. I mean going blue requires bleaching, which is damaging. And while it's long now, for a few years I rocked a pixie cut shorter than most men's hair dos! It's sort of like the saying, "if you love something let it go." My hair wouldn't be half as fun or interesting to me if it always stayed the same. I'm also not trying to figure out what hair color or style suits me best, I'm just trying out different styles and colors to explore different aspects of my style. And I also really never want to be so attached to my hair (and the praise my long red hair gets because that is my most popular color and style by a mile) that I'm not willing to change it; I don't want to find my value or define myself by my hair color or length. I want to always remember it's just hair. It will grow back, colors will fade out, and in less than a year I'll show people pictures of my blue hair and they won't believe I looked like that for a few months. 



  1. Oh, I'm gonna miss the blue! When you first dyed it I was really sad because I thought the red was gorgeous, but now I've gotten used to the blue. D: Can't wait to see what's next!! :D :D

  2. Oh it always makes me laugh when people say "Oh, but you'll ruin your hair!". It grows back, where's the fun if you keep it the same in case you ruin it!

    Blue looks great on you, and I love that skirt as well!

  3. Obsessed with this fun, colorful look.



  4. I've loved the blue hair, but understand your need to switch up your do. I'm guilty of getting bored with my hair and constantly changing it up to something new.

  5. I needed to read this right now. I've had the same style and colour for too long! The red is gorgeous, but the blue definitely grew on me. Looking forward to the next hair adventure!

  6. This outfit is like the epitome of your hair and personality and style all combined perfectly:) can't wait to see what new hairstyle you have next!

  7. What a great post! I just dyed my hair yesterday for the first time, and the reason it was my first time is because I've had long red hair my entire life and everyone has always said "you can never cut it, and you can never dye it!" But I finally got the courage to do what I want to do - it IS just hair, and it will grow back. And I love it, and I'm having fun with being a blonde now!

  8. One of the things that I love about this blog is the amazing photography. What camera and filters or editing program do you use? Because I love the vibrant colors.
    I was looking through your blog and I saw that you have dyed your hair so many times. But in the photos it doesn't look like it's been damaged. What hair products do u use?
    Personally I don't like changing my hair a lot. Just a few cm cut once in a while when I notice split ends, but I'm 18 and I haven't ever dyed my hair. Its curly and I am afraid it may get dry or I would have to dye it every time the color fades. What do you think should I experiment with my hair?

  9. Your skirt is so cute! I love it with the Tee Shirt

  10. That skirt is so beautiful! Loving that tee!

    xx Chelsea

  11. @Doris, I use a Canon Mark ii and 50mm lens--no special editing or specific filter, editing is very specific to the day and time pictures are taken so there's not one set or style I use often. You can find out a lot about my photography and tips too in my FAQ page.
    As for changing your hair, I can't really speak to whether or not anyone should dye or change their hair, it's a personal choice. I also didn't start dyeing my hair until I was in my twenties (I wasn't allowed to when I was younger!) so there's still time; I think you'll know when you want to change things, it'll just be time or feel right to you. Dyeing will damage, certain dyes do fade quicker than others, but for people who do dye it's worth it and there's a lot you can do to keep it healthy even while you are dyeing. If you look at my hair posts (under the beauty tag) there's a lot of posts about tips on growing out your hair which is basically the same steps I do to keep my hair healthy while dyeing because you need your hair healthy to grow. I don't use specific products or brands, it's more about not washing my hair often, washing with cold water, etc. A lot of people swear by coconut oil but I don't overly like the smell of coconut!
    But yeah, don't worry about if you should or shouldn't experiment--when or if there comes a time when you are ready to experiment you'll just want it really badly.

  12. That skirt is so pretty with all the different colors! I've loved your blue hair, but I completely agree that your hair shouldn't define you and it is indeed just hair. Even though it faded, it still looks really cool! I'm excited to see how it looks next, but I'm always excited in general to see your next outfit shoot!

    A Sentimental Adventure

  13. Such happy smiles in these pics, it's infectious!

    I love that you expressed that, about hair. I DO happen to be very attached to my hair (i did buzz it off a long long time ago, never again, haha and I have had wacky colors when i was younger) at this point in my life, BUT -- I fantasize about some day (when I move on from my day job for sure) getting it bleached by a professional and dyed some super different color than my current natural almost-black brown. You are definitely one of my inspirations for that!

    Also, it's nice to know that your hair doesn't look like a train wreck! It looks lovely. Is it REALLY hard to brush? I get some highlights on the top of my head a couple years ago and it made my hair go from easy as pie to brush to super hard to brush when getting out of the shower.

    Gosh I had one more question, what was it... oh yeah: what kinda hair do you have may I ask? My individual hairs are very fine and silky, but I have a full thick head of them. (Now that you know the texture of my hair, I hope you feel that your day is now complete.)

    I can't wait to see what hair color you get!!!

  14. " I don't want to find my value or define myself by my hair color or length."

    Nah fuck that, I ABSOLUTELY love being recognized and valued by my hair color and length! I don't think there's a thing in the world wrong with that, my hair is my security blanket and I would feel helpless and ugly without it. I tried to do the whole female empowerment thing and chopped it off, and it was the most miserable experience since getting my wisdom teeth removed.

    But we're all different and that's what's great ;)

  15. Your hair is stunning regardless of the color! And I <3 this look... that skirt, though! <3 xx

  16. I love the blue on you (I've been tempted to go blue myself since seeing yours!) but definitely agree with not getting too attached to your hair. I've been red for years now but I'm desperate to start experimenting with other colours. I recently got my long locks chopped off and it felt SO good :)


  17. Love this outfit! you look stunning! http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/new-romantics.html

  18. This is beyond gorgeous, LOVE that skirt!

  19. Such a cute shirt! I'm obsessed with the skirt!


  20. This outfit is so fun and colorful!

    And yes, that is how I feel about hair, too; it's just hair, it'll grow out, you can dye it differently, cut it off, whatever. There is no "ruining" your hair, really. The blue was super fun, and I love the blonde you have now (skimming your posts today!). Currently, I'm keeping my hair pink and I think it's my favorite color so far (I'm a natural dark brown, have gone darker, blonde, orange-red, firetruck-red, and now fuchsia.) but eventually I'll move on to another color. Like you said, what's the fun if you can't ever change it?


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