Outfit: The Perfect Spring Coat

Spring (and summer!) in Ireland still often calls for a light coat or jacket.
You get acclimated to it being cooler and can risk bare legs on a day when others would wear tights or trousers, but it's still usually good to have an extra layer with you. Oftentimes I have some sort of coat or jacket even if they don't always end up in pictures and this sweet pink one by Alice's Pig is my favorite this spring. I don't mind having to wear an extra layer when it's a pretty sherbet tone like this one--and it matches all of my favorite accessories! My little blue dress underneath keeps the look from being too monochromatic and means I'm almost wearing *the colors of the year.* My little pink patch is actually a pocket; perfect for filling with little spring blooms!
P.S. If you like the dress (or anything else at Miss Patina) use code "aclotheshorse20" to get 20% off from now through June 4th.

The cherry blossoms are passing on, but I snapped a few more pictures with them before they could disappear entirely. They always remind me of the semester I spent studying in Japan. When I first arrived it would snow on me some days as I walked to my university from my host family's house, but within a few short months the cherry blossom petals were falling on me on my walk to class. They added a bit of magic to my morning commute and made me feel as if I was exactly where I wanted to be. Most days I feel like that now. I still have my grumpy moments, frustrations, and homesickness, but overall it feels like I'm exactly where I'm meant to be.


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