Marks&Spencer Cashmere Sweater Remix

Today I'm partnering with Marks & Spencer to share some transitional autumn style.
Although summer is usually my favorite season, this year I'm excited for autumn like never before, especially autumn clothes! This autumn I'm drawn to neutrals like never before; expanding the previously non-existent brown portion of my wardrobe in every shade from pale tan to rich caramel-y hues. And for today's outfits the brown is paired with basic black--from the heels I don't want to take off (I wore them with this outfit as well) to the softest cashmere sweater I've ever owned. This sweater is so lovely I couldn't resist styling it two different ways, both perfect for those in-between days as we head towards autumn. I want one of these sweaters in every color, but if you're only getting one then classic black is the way to go and can be styled so many ways.
This is my "French spy" look. I feel like French spies must be so much more chic than ordinary spies, chic enough perhaps to dare to wear a tulle skirt even while trying to be incognito. A beret and classic trench coat add noir vibes to the simple skirt and sweater pairing. As a spy, jewelry is minimal, just a small vintage locket (full of secrets) and camera to record my findings...

The modern beatnik look, for hanging out with would-be poets and pouring over photography books. I kept the shoes, beret, and sweater from my first look, but switched skirts and added some horn-rimmed glasses and a brooch for a more vintage inspired look. This skirt is a perfect autumn basic; it works now with any of your favorite tees and bare legs, but will continue looking good with tights and sweaters once the leaves start to change.. 
*all pictures by me*



  1. I can't wait for fall weather, either :) I'm looking forward to wearing more dresses to work, with tights or leggings. Your French Spy look is gorgeous.

  2. Oh man you make everything look so cute! These photos are so autumn-y. I'm jealous, it does not look like that in LA, let me tell you.


  3. These pictures are so beautiful! You never fail to impress me more and more!

  4. I can't decide which outfit I love more! Loving the autumnal vibes to your outfits!


  5. That tulle skirt you're wearing in the first styling is so dreamy!!!
    I love how it drapes, it looks like so sophisticated but also comfortable.

    These photos feel like they are from another time, and I love it! I love your blog so much!

    - Lindsay

  6. omg I am so obsessed with this look! I love the trench mixed with the tulle skirt!!

  7. you look amazing fabulous thumbs up for you..

  8. So beautiful, I'm loving the pink tulle, and those super cool glasses.

  9. Such lovely outfit! I'd like to buy the M&S heels, are they comfy? I'm always looking for broad-soled but nice shoes and these are really nice...

  10. I can't wait for fall! Your outfits are lovely!
    Unique Geek

  11. How awesome that you get to be in Ireland! Loving the beautiful scenic posts and outfits! : )

  12. That tulle skirt is SO beautiful! I love both looks but my favourite is definately the first one :)

  13. Wonderful outfit! Just my style!

  14. @Arth90, yes I find these shoes very comfortable. Way more comfortable than most of my heels and easy to walk in.


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