Outfit: Hello September

September is the month when I start dressing sensibly for the weather again. While I might suffer through brisk summer days in bare legs and gritted teeth out of sheer determination to have a summer, once September arrives I tell myself I'll wear tights when needed and not turn my nose up at a sensible coat or jacket. Of course having reached this decision our weather decides to actually give us several days of sunshine and warm temperatures! Nice sense of humor you have there Sepetember. But since warm for us would still be cooling down for many regions, closed toed shoes and a jacket still make sense, especially when a cloud passes over the sun and a breeze whips by promising that true autumn days aren't far off.

*pictures by Thomas*



  1. Such a gorgeous look for this time of year! Also that silly face photo of you is too cute <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  2. This is just a perfect outfit! The buttons on the jacket are so vintage, the print of the dress is adorable, the hat looks perfect with your new hairdo, and the shoes ARE SOOOO CUTE! I'm thinking about getting those on black now!

  3. Beautiful! I love the outfit and the pictures are wonderful.

  4. What a perfect outfit! How is the sizing on the Joules jacket? Wondering if it's worth the effort to order from the US.

  5. I am the same way; I start dressing a bit more sensibly once fall comes around, haha! Summer is too unpredictable to really dress for cool weather when it's cooler. You look beautiful! Those shoes are amazing.

    Kristina | eyreeffect.com

  6. What a cute dress! I love the styling!

  7. An awesome outfit! I love the beret and the bag!

  8. You look lovely ;)


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