Outfit: Winter Light

Winter is here. It has snowed in some places around the country and the temperatures are cold enough for snow here, but instead we're having bright and brisk days. Our morning frost is lingering in any patch the sun the sun doesn't reach. It's these sorts of days that I love big, oversized comforting clothing in the form of sweaters with sleeves that cover my hand to the knuckles and I can smuggle a hot water bottle underneath without being detected. I wear these sorts of sweaters often in winter, but rarely on the blog since they almost never photograph well (or rather, flattering). But I like this little combination I was wearing over the weekend, as impractical as the bottom half was! You know me, I can only dress so sensibly before I have to ignore function in favor of "fashion."
In the States we'd call what I'm wearing a sweater, but over here it's often referred to as a jumper. While stateside again a jumper would be considered a dress. Not a big deal linguistically really, but it did lead to a funny interaction when Thomas told my family he was bringing over lots of wooly jumpers. They thought they had misheard him, since it seemed unlikely he would be wearing a lot of wool dresses and his accent makes certain words difficult to understand, so they asked him to say it again. He probably said wooly jumpers a dozen times before I had a chance to explain that he meant sweaters. Of course I am a big fan of a wooly jumper--both a cozy sweater or a sweater-dress. No matter which way you mean the word, it's a big part of my winter wardrobe.   
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*pictures by Thomas*


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