Brit-Stitch Half Pint Giveaway

This week of birthday giveaways is taking me back to childhood parties. There was so much ceremony to them, from making and handing out the invitations to friends, to prepping goody bags to give to everyone who came to the party. Man, goody bags at parties need to be a thing again! Anyway, these giveaways are like my goody bag to everyone who reads this blog. Today I'm literally giving away a bag, although sadly it won't be stuffed with sweets! I've partnered with Brit-Stitch, a fun local company that makes classic handbags in nearly every color under the sun. Their half pint bag is perfect for everyday use; just big enough for the essentials. Enter to win your own Brit-Stitch half pint below; the winner will get to pick their favorite color from the staggering amount of choices. For example, they don't just have a blue half pint style, they have a stormy sea grey-blue, skydiver bright blueinsignia classic navy, and dusk pastel blue...
a Rafflecopter giveaway This giveaway is closed. The winner has been notified via email.


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