Staying In Bruges

I found these vintage boots a few years ago at a flea market and fell in love with them at first sight. I wasn't supposed to be buying new clothes because I was in the process of moving to Ireland and I really didn't need to add my wardrobe. They also were a full size too big for my feet, so walking away from them should have been an easy choice. But these boots were like a siren's call to me and like any feckless sailor I couldn't resist their song. Now though I don't regret that purchase at all; those boots have been worn so much they have more than earned the headache of moving them across the oceans and I've since realized that too big boots are actually perfect in winter because they mean I can layer up on the coziest socks. Now I intentionally look for vintage boots a size too big so I know they'll fit the bulkiest socks and keep me toasty through winter. Cozy socks are a big part of my style although you'd rarely see them since they're usually tucked into my boots, or hiding on the rare occasion I wear jeans--and this post is dedicated to some of those socks that have been keeping my toes warm this winter. Tucked into my boots throughout our Bruges wanderings were a pair of Tabbisocks or two. My socks don't always match my outfit (or each other) since they're usually hidden, but the tree crew socks are such a perfect fit for everything I wear in autumn and winter I couldn't resist getting all three pairs. P.S. Stay tuned to Tabbisocks blog where they'll be sharing an interview I did with them.

We took these pictures at the B&B we stayed at while in Bruges; a beautiful old building adjacent to the Lover's Bridge with stained glass windows and beautiful wooden panelling throughout. The weather during our visit was grey and damp, so this little house was a perfect place to drop into between jaunts to dry out for a breather before adventuring on again. We snapped these on one such break, between sitting by the window and watching people go by as the rain pattered against the roof. It's Thomas's special talent to find interesting places to stay when we travel. In so many ways where you stay when you travel is only of minor importance; it's a place to store your bags and rest your head at night but the real trip takes place outdoors. But when he finds a place like this where you stay becomes part of the experience...


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