April Moodboard

I've really started to like making moodboards for each month, although sometimes it feels like a futile exercise. I mean the moodboard is a sort of vision for the month, perhaps a direction to go with photography and fashion. March was dominated by greens (and April's moodboard seemingly now as well...), but in the end I don't think I actually wore that much green. Similarly my initial thought for April's moodboard was built around the idea of "April showers" but since our weather has been unusually lovely my pictures and outfits have been shaped by sunshine and pretty blossoms. Still, it's fun to gather inspiration every month a bit randomly and see what themes and palettes shake out. April is still very earth-y; green things growing in the garden, baby lambs in the fields and fashion-wise to me that means breezy clothes like delicate blouses paired with denim overalls or classic shirt-dresses styled with wellies for muddy walks and woven baskets as handbags.


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