In A Sea Of Bluebells

I've never been one for trendy clothes, but if possible my style is leaning ever more towards the classic and timeless these days than it was before. It reminds me of a topic I talked about on the blog years and years ago about how your surroundings influence you and your style. Moving somewhere more rural than my last home already was (which is saying something) has definitely influenced the way I dress and want to dress. I want to wear clothes that blend seamlessly into these landscapes I find myself wandering around in. It's only seems proper to be throwing on everything blue when our woods are overflowing with bluebells. How fitting then that my skirt by Son de Flor is auspiciously named the bluebell skirt. I think I could have a closet full of Son de Flor pieces and not grow tired of their classic dresses, delicate aprons, and elegant skirts. The softest linen that feels quite at home in the still woods, green valleys, and stony paths that I call home. And I think that is so much of what style is, a reflection of where you are in the moment--maybe your stage in life, your vocation, but also your physical location. If I was living in a city my style would be quite different even if no other circumstance in my life was changed because what would be around me to inspire me visually would be quite different. Not in a bad way because there is a beauty to be found in cities as well, but just in a very real way of I walk out my front door and see of tiny trail of bluebells leading into the woods and I can't resist following that path with my basket (purse) in hand...


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