Sailor Scout

One of the first animes I enjoyed as a pre-teen was Sailor Moon and although it's been awhile since those early days of coming home from school and getting to the tv set as fast as possible (it was on early and if my bus ran late I sometimes missed the beginning), I still have a soft spot for the sailor scouts. Perhaps this is where my nautical predilection started? Somehow despite wearing a not-cute sailor uniform briefly in high school, I'm still a sucker for a good sailor collar. I have several pieces with a sailor collar and now thanks to this trompe l'oeil tee by Joanie, I have another even more casual sailor look I can throw on with the greatest of ease. My nautical collection just continues to grow and grow, but I think nautical clothes really are my favorites. Sailor collars, fisherman knits, classic stripes, novelty sea creature bags--I want to wear those things every day if I can! Now if I could just find a way to live within walking distance of the beach I would really be set. More and more I think about how lovely it would be to live on one of the Irish islands; somewhere quiet and remote that you can only access by ferry. I'm not sure how practical it is, but it's dreadfully appealing!  

sunglassesLighthouse jacket c/o, Joanie tee, Modcloth skirt (old, similar), Soludos espadrilles, lobster bag (sold out)

sunglassesLighthouse jacket c/o, Joanie tee, Modcloth skirt (old, similar), Soludos espadrilles, lobster bag (sold out)



  1. Sailor/Nautical style has always been a favorite of mine too, and I always love seeing how you bring that trend to life with your pieces and accessories! Definitely love the simplicity of this look and that lobster bag is the icing on the cake:)

  2. Love this outfit! You should do more outfits inspired tv shows/movies!

    1. Loads of my outfits are already inspired by movies, although I don't always talk about the movies in the posts. I keep meaning to do a post on stylish films but it's hard to know where to start--there are so many! :p

  3. That lobster bag is the cutest!! I don't think I would ever use it but I feel like I should get myself one.
    Ivory Avenue

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  5. your top is so cute, I love it with that bag

  6. Oh my gosh, what an adorable outfit!! *goes to find a shirt that looks just like the one you are wearing*
    My little sister also loves Sailor Moon, and I watch it with her sometimes. It's a cute show!

    ~Lydia~ <3

  7. I love that tee! <3.

  8. The sailor outfit is cute but that lobster bag is the cutest!! <3

  9. Love this outfit. How cute is that lobster bag!


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