Summer Nails

Hello summer! This year just seems to be flying by--blink and it's another month or season! I'm hoping summer lingers for a bit since it might be my favorite season. At least it has been my favorite season in the past (and I still love the warmer weather and simple clothes), but lately I'm not sure what my favorites are. It's funny when you blog for so long there's a very real record of what you "love" and yet slowly over the years these things shift. Things that felt authentic and "me" in the past feel more hazy now. You can dig through these archives searching for "favorite" and find a myriad of seeming contradictory things. Clothes I thought I'd wear forever or at least keep have been donated or sold because I wasn't as attached to them as I thought I was (and you can't bring everything you like when you move across the ocean). Other things I thought I'd always treasure have also been donated or at least shelved in the last few years. Bright nail polish used to be a signature part of my look and yet in the last year I've been addicted to neutral colors on my nails. It's a small detail, something maybe no one else would notice, but in college I used to wear different bright colors on each hand (sometimes on each finger). Yet lately even when I manage to paint my nails a bright color I usually switch back to my Maybelline "Second Skin" within a day or two. I think this is the way most of us change, in small, perhaps unnoticeable ways that we only notice months after the fact. Heraclitus said you can not step into the same river twice. The river is in flux; the waters are always changing and whether a minute or a month has passed, the river has changed since your last step. But we are also the rivers that shift; our banks ever-changing and being worn by the waters around us...Still I think I might paint my nails a bright color for my holidays; a reminder of what once was second nature.


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