The Sun and the Sand

Blogging is slightly on the back burner this week since I type this from our catamaran tied up outside of Hydra. It's nearly midnight here, yet I sit comfortably outside at the front of our boat looking at the stars with bare legs and wet hair from a little nighttime swim. It's the fourth day of our weeklong sailing holiday with MedSailors and despite the sweltering heat during the day and frequent swims, I have still managed to escape getting burned! I meant to type up this post before the holiday, to talk about the lovely day we had at Murlough Beach--the sun and sand and the little shop that sells the most amazing ice cream that is hidden in compartment under their counter, so you have to know it's there to ask for it, but right now I'm distracted by the stars. We've been snapping pictures like mad (you might have noticed if you've been following my Instagram stories) and yet I still feel so relaxed. I spend most of my days barefoot and bare-faced wandering from one end of the boat to the other with salty hair. It feels like the absolute best holiday right now, full of sun and swimming and the occasional sea urchin.


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