A Thatch Cottage In Donegal

I'm pretty fond of our gatehouse. It's always a pleasure coming home to the cheery yellow front door and we've crafted the inside to our liking as well. But a thatch cottage on a little Irish island or perched up in the mountains certainly holds a lot of appeal as well. We aren't in the mood to move anytime soon, but weekends away in a cozy thatch complete with turf fire are always a welcome diversion. We spent a few days in one such thatch when my family was visiting and it was a lovely mini-vacation. I snapped most of these pictures just out the back door of the cottage in the thick grassy patches that led down to a private cove and trailed to a secluded beach. The location was a hit from the first moment we arrived, crossing a small bridge onto the island and climbing up the big hill to look down on this little cottage perched at the edge with its grand views of the sea. We were so well situated that one quiet evening indoors my father looked out the window and saw a pod of dolphins circling and leaping around outside. In short order we all decamped to the rocks behind the house to watch the porpoise play by the shore. Those were my favorite moments; the quite ones, standing still and watching the dolphins in the water or this calm morning I spent running barefoot through the grass...



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    1. Hi Charmaine, Yes this style of cottage is called a thatch cottage b/c of the traditional thatch roof. They're made with straw/wheat and it's a very old/traditional style for areas of Ireland; white-walled stone cottage with a thatch roof and a brightly painted door. They're not very common these days, which is part of the appeal I suppose! ;p

  2. Oh I love the feel to these photographs! You did a really great job in capturing the wildness of Donegal!

  3. This cottage looks adorable, I would love to stay there

  4. Such a charming cottage! I love all your white summer dress- so pretty!

  5. I go back to Donegal every september/october to visit my husbands side of the family. Dying to know where this cottage is and if its available for rent? (Aranmore maybe?) Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Maria, While we had a lovely visit I wouldn't actually recommend these cottages (you can find them at donegalthatchcottage.com)...I went with my family, not as a blogger so I hate to review it poorly, but I would also feel bad telling people to go when we wouldn't book it again. Ok, location is class; walking distance to a small beach and this island it is on is gorgeous, also cottage looks quite authentic lovely from the outside. Downsides, the cottages are pricier than other options, but quite minimal on the inside. It's self-catering but you might actually need to bring a number of things from home to actually cook here (i.g. shortage of knives/pots and no basics like salt/pepper/etc), additionally problems getting hot water to work, you have to pay extra (and request in advance) if you want turf for the fire, towels, wifi, etc, and at the end of the week they check your meter reading and charge you for the electricity you use which includes any heating, hot water heating, etc. So at the end there were all these little extra costs that really added up and annoyed the group (b/c you kind of budget based on the initial cost of the place and have to pay extra even if you just turn on lights while you're there). We've stayed at a number of self-catering places around Ireland and this is just not the one I would whole-heartedly recommend. You can have a good holiday here (we did), but I would definitely recommend picking a different cottage in the same general area.

    2. Thanks Rebecca, so good to know. I really appreciate your honesty. Nothing beats local knowledge! :) In fact on this next trip I think we've decided we're going to spend a few nights in Portrush which should be nice to explore. Will have to save the thatched cottage for next year. Definitely will make sure to avoid that company though. Thanks again for the heads up. xx

    3. Oh I love Portrush! The Harbour Bar Bistro is one of my top 5 favorite places to eat. If you're up for a hike outside of Portrush (but in the area) look up Kinbane Castle.


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