Sunflowers & Gingham

Just living that moodboard life right now (down to the sunflowers!). As much as I love my little gatehouse this summer I've been finding a lot of really enviable thatch houses that would tempt me away from my current home. This yellow-walled thatch beauty is my new dream home, although luckily for my bank account it's not available to live in. But how perfect are these walls?! I think it's be hard not to have a sunny disposition if you were living in a house as bright and cheerful as this one. Maybe it's the walls, or my little gingham dress, but I've been feeling fairly sunny myself lately. I've been talking a lot about my need for balance and to not stress so much about pointless things and in the past couple of weeks I've actually found some balance. The other afternoon I put away my computer, stopped checking my emails, and just did some doodling and painting. I also found time to finish my first book from my August reading list yesterday and am starting the next tonight. I haven't miraculously added more hours to my day, but I have been wiser at allocating my time and it's making me feel, balanced to overuse the word! Less stressed, more creative. I'm always going to a worrier, but I don't feel that it is controlling my life as much at the moment. Which is good because worrying is quite ineffective; it doesn't make me more productive and it stifles creativity--an essential ingredient to this job.

On a different note, I feel that some of the clothes I wear might make my family chuckle a bit, but probably the most ridiculous item for me is my new pea pod jewelry pieces by Bill Skinner. They're so delicately pretty I couldn't resist them, but the thing is I hate peas. As a kid it was really bad, one time at dinner I literally made myself gag trying to eat peas because I had just built up in my head how horrible they were that I couldn't take a single bite without feeling sick. It was ridiculous especially because now while I still don't love peas, but they don't make me nauseous; that experience was totally just me being a dramatic child. So it's kind of the height of irony that as an adult faced with all the options of what to wear, I chose this pea pod jewelry. I'm sure when my mother sees these pieces she'll get a laugh out of how the tables have turned...


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