Sunflowers & Gingham

Just living that moodboard life right now (down to the sunflowers!). As much as I love my little gatehouse this summer I've been finding a lot of really enviable thatch houses that would tempt me away from my current home. This yellow-walled thatch beauty is my new dream home, although luckily for my bank account it's not available to live in. But how perfect are these walls?! I think it's be hard not to have a sunny disposition if you were living in a house as bright and cheerful as this one. Maybe it's the walls, or my little gingham dress, but I've been feeling fairly sunny myself lately. I've been talking a lot about my need for balance and to not stress so much about pointless things and in the past couple of weeks I've actually found some balance. The other afternoon I put away my computer, stopped checking my emails, and just did some doodling and painting. I also found time to finish my first book from my August reading list yesterday and am starting the next tonight. I haven't miraculously added more hours to my day, but I have been wiser at allocating my time and it's making me feel, balanced to overuse the word! Less stressed, more creative. I'm always going to a worrier, but I don't feel that it is controlling my life as much at the moment. Which is good because worrying is quite ineffective; it doesn't make me more productive and it stifles creativity--an essential ingredient to this job.

On a different note, I feel that some of the clothes I wear might make my family chuckle a bit, but probably the most ridiculous item for me is my new pea pod jewelry pieces by Bill Skinner. They're so delicately pretty I couldn't resist them, but the thing is I hate peas. As a kid it was really bad, one time at dinner I literally made myself gag trying to eat peas because I had just built up in my head how horrible they were that I couldn't take a single bite without feeling sick. It was ridiculous especially because now while I still don't love peas, but they don't make me nauseous; that experience was totally just me being a dramatic child. So it's kind of the height of irony that as an adult faced with all the options of what to wear, I chose this pea pod jewelry. I'm sure when my mother sees these pieces she'll get a laugh out of how the tables have turned...



  1. I love the vibrant colours! They sort of remind me of fall too, and even though I want summer to stay, fall doesn't seem so daunting now.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Such a cute dress, I love the sunflowers

  3. Be careful with Bill Skinner's jewelry, he is copying designs from Les Néréides, which is a much older brand. I once send them an IG comment saying very politely "this design reminds me of Les Néréides" and... they blacklisted me ! I am quite sure they are not very honest about their "creations". Or must I say their "copies" ? Les Néréides is far more pretty, you should check their website, so you will see I am not writing this to bullshit Bill Skinner. I am typing this comment because it is sad to see such a lovely blogger like you making communication for someone who is not 100% honest.

    1. Hi Matou Shi, I'm sorry you had that negative experience. I've been wearing Bill Skinner for several years now (my fox necklace by them is one of my favorite pieces). I looked up the company you mentioned, Les Nereides, but I honestly don't think they're that similar. I mean both companies make jewelry inspired by the natural world, so both have floral pendants, both have animal collections, but a lot of jewelry companies have those themes and with these two I think the styles/interpretations are very different. I looked at a couple of collections of each that have the same theme (like the kittens one) and each looks very different and distinct; like Les Nerides has largely enamel cats and Bill Skinners figures are just in plain gold; Nerides puts cats with florals and colorful gems, Bill Skinner is has them with tassels and yarn balls. I obviously haven't done a complete study of the two, but from my initial impression I feel comfortable still enjoying Bill Skinner designed pieces because I don't see any copies (& that would really bother me). I think Les Nereides pieces do look quite gorgeous (the under the sea collection has me drooling), so I'm kind of glad to hear about them b/c their pieces are very much my style too, but personally I just don't see major similarities between the two as brands...

  4. All this yellow makes me soooo happy! Love how you combined everything for this look ad those pea pod jewelry pieces are so delightful:)

  5. The colors!!! I love everything about this outfit, post, everything!

  6. Oh wow! That house doesn't even look real! Amazing.


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