A Few Fall Essentials

As much as I might like to downsize, minimize, or simplify, I will never quite be that capsule wardrobe person. It's admirable that people can narrow their wardrobe down to a few essentials, but for me I'm a bit of a wardrobe maximalist. At this point I don't even need to acquire a lot of new pieces every season, just digging through the attic for my favorites from the past season yields me far more clothes than could ever be considered a capsule! But there are so many pieces I can't imagine parting with. Like my fox clothing collection--I love my fox clothes! I don't wear them much in spring or summer, but instead save them for autumn so they feel "fresh" when it does come time to pull them out of storage. And despite how many fox pieces I have, I always have my eyes out for more. I mean, since I do get a lot of wear out of my current foxy pieces, it just makes sense to "invest" in more since they will also probably become wardrobe favorites in heavy rotation. As a surprise to no one, my latest foxy acquisition comes from Modcloth--a shop which ticks off all the boxes on my fall essentials list: fox prints, corduroy everything, loads of mustard pieces (more on that in a later post!), and giant blanket scarves. The appeal of corduroy pieces for autumn even has me in another pair of overalls! This is a style of trouser I seem to enjoy since I somehow acquired three pairs of overalls--which seems like a real excess of overalls for someone who rarely wears trousers! So yes, that capsule wardrobe thing doesn't seem in the cards for me!  


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