An Autumn Romance

If you haven't noticed yet, I'll let you in on a little secret: I like matching my clothes and accessories to my hair. I don't really pay a lot of attention to what colors are supposed to suit red hair the best (green and purple are probably my least worn colors!), but instead I tend to like accessories that match the red hair rather than coordinate with it. Warm, nutty brown shoes, belts, and purses are always in heavy rotation. My favorite pair of sunglasses in the summer is a dark orange color that blends so perfectly with my hair I don't worry about the sunglasses "going" with the rest of my outfit. And if I can find a piece of clothing that seems to mimic a highlight or tone of my hair--I'm all about it. This dress from Modcloth definitely fits the bill. A perfect warm amber that harkens to autumn leaves even if I haven't seen too many of them on my trip stateside! This sort of formal look would actually have been perfect for the wedding I was just in; a perfect nod to the coming season with the color, but also a light, lacy option considering how warm it still is in the northeast! I'm melting a bit in this heat after such a brisk month in Ireland, but I guess it's nice to get a few last bare leg days in before winter fully sets in... 



  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love how it perfectly matches your hair and is so bright and cheerful! Perfect for autumn.

  2. I love your elegant style! Please make a post about must have fall pieces!

  3. I love how your dress matches your hair!! It's such a beautiful, unique colour, and only you could pull it off like this!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous Rebecca! I love how the headband matches perfectly with your hair!

    Sara - Flemingo

  5. Your dress is so pretty, I love that colour on you

  6. Lovely dress! Why shy away from green? I think bottle green would suit you very well, as it is the complementary colour of red. (E.g Julianne Moore who looks stunning in green, well, and in other colours too as a matter of fact!)
    Blue seems to flatter redheds too (blue being the complementary colour of orange)

    1. Yes, some redheads do look lovely in green! I don't actually intentionally avoid it (or purple) I think I just buy colors that appeal to me more and warmer tones end up far more in my wardrobe than green for that reason. Although I do wear a lot of blue which is an exception to the warm tones rule I guess!

  7. God I'm so in love with your pictures - they are just perfect, every blog post again! The outfits, the background, scenery... Love it <3

  8. That dress is gorgeous and I love the fact you match your hair so often. Besides, those "rules" for what redheads should wear are nonsense - there's so many shades of red hair and accompanying complexions that it's crazy they'd work for everyone.

    Darling Marcelle 

  9. Hi Rebecca, have you ever tapped in to Ivy&Oak?

  10. Lovely lady, those colors suit you very much ! I totally aggree with you how nice it is to match yoru accessories or clothes to your hair, I did thatvery much when I had pink hair and am now trying to find peachy dresses to match my new hair. Always a pleasure to read your blog !
    xoxo from Paris,

  11. Such a lovely outfit & gorgeous pictures :)

  12. I always love how your hair is most definitely part of every outfit! This look is just gorgeous for autumn/fall. Kx

  13. I absolutely love how you embody autumn in this outfit <3
    If you hadn't planned anything for Halloween, I'd say dress up like this and say you're an autumn sprite or so, it's so fitting!

    Alive as Always


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