Autumn Adventures in a Cozy Plaid Coat

There's always a small element of deception in photographs; sometimes intentional at other times accidental. For example the weather always looks better, more romantic in images than it feels in real life. What looks like a gentle breeze stirring your hair on a grey evening is probably a brisk wind cutting to the bone and sending shivers up your spine. Rain that pelts down in all directions leaving you soggy and miserable also makes streets look romantic and reflective. For me the biggest trick in autumn and winter tends to be my lack of a coat in photographs. This is a fashion blog after all, as much as I like to dress it up with pretty spots of nature, the essence of the blog is photographs of my outfits and it might be winter and freezing but I can't just post a pictures of my coat every day and call that "fashion." So it's rather nice when the coat is actually the newest part of my outfit and the item I want to feature in a post; it means I get to stay cozy keeping it on for the whole shoot (and not discarding it in a heap at the edge of the frame) and leads to a lot less shivering! I'm a bit of a coat addict anyway, so when Modcloth asked if I wanted a new coat to wear around this autumn the answer was a resounding yes--made even more enthusiastically when I saw this pretty plaid option in the shop. It just happens to match my favorite backpack and beret perfectly, and I love how it's almost shaped like a warm, enveloping robe. It's a perfect bit of outwear for autumn adventures.
beret, Modcloth coat c/o, vintage dress, vintage brooch, Cambridge Satchel backpack, old shoes
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I don't have the largest pumpkin themed collection of clothes, but I do have a few cool pieces like this vintage dress. I bought it ages ago, but rarely wear it because the silhouette isn't my favorite, but layered under a cool coat with just the embroidery peeking out seemed like a perfect way to get some wear out of it this autumn. I'm a little bummed the shape isn't more flattering on me because it has the most incredible details--just look at that pumpkin lace! They really don't make dresses like this anymore, do they?
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beret, Modcloth coat c/o, vintage dress, vintage brooch, Cambridge Satchel backpack, old shoes


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