Birds of Prey

Some clothes make you want to go on an adventure, other clothes take you on that adventure so you never have to leave the comfort of your own home (or maybe even your sofa if you're feeling exceptionally lazy/cozy). This dress is one of those pieces. Its unique "birds of prey" print reminds of the cover of the old Hobbit book. An illustration of snow-capped mountains that call to mind the lines, "far over the misty mountains cold, to dungeons deep and caverns old, we must away ere break of day..." Even the circling birds and golden backdrop remind me of that classic novel, although I don't think that was Palava's inspiration! Still the result is the same, a print fit for adventures and reminiscent of grand stories to be shared in whispers through these winter months while gathered close by the crackling hearth...
P.S. Use code "CLOTHESH15" to get 15% off at Palava; the code is good for one month so maybe get yourself a pretty dress for the holidays!preybirds-11preybirds-22-side
beret, duffle coat, Palava dress, box purse, old heels
preybirds-32 preybirds-25 preybirds-5-side preybirds-31 preybirds-36 preybirds-6 preybirds-9-side preybirds-33 preybirds-24 preybirds-30
beret, duffle coat, Palava dress, box purse, old heels


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