Nothing Gold Can Stay

Perhaps nothing gold can stay, but the gold and orange foliage certainly is lingering this year and I'm not complaining. Rather, I'm holding my breath every time a strong wind blows through the park by our home and crossing my fingers that a patch of rain won't leave the woods desolate. So far we've been very, very lucky and there's beautiful alchemy happening in the trees. I do like the way this coat matches the leaves so well, even if it is starting to look a bit worse for wear after so many years of abuse! I can be a bit rough on my clothes; wearing favorites in heavy rotation and often sitting down on damp or muddy ground when it would be advisable to remain standing! But in a way it's really the only way to appreciate your clothes; keeping them pristine and never touched isn't really enjoying them (at least not to me). So I'll probably end up with a few stains on some nice coats, my stockings always rip, and most of my scarves come home with a few crunchy leaves hidden in their depths, but I never let those changes stop me from wearing them again and again. A few scuffs here and there just add personality to pieces, no? And I do like pieces with personality and stories to them. Even today's dress features a print of a robin; a really friendly little bird we often see in the spring and summer here. My mother's also named after that bird, adding another layer of personal meaning and attachment to a few yards of fabric. My latest acquisition with that personal touch--my initial necklace by Bill Skinner. One of my favorite nature-loving jewelry brands that always adds a touch of whimsy to their pieces just released a floral alphabet collection. A delicate "G" is embellished with a miniature ladybug, while the "R" is touched by a tiny gold bee and pink florals. Each piece feels special and personal--and if you're as enamored as I am by them then head to my Instagram where I'm giving away one initial necklace. Win your initial or a loved one's and carry a bit of gold around that can stay forever...unless you're prone to lost jewelry, like myself! yellowarmagh-21 yellowarmagh-25-side


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