Going Glam for NYE

aclotheshorse nye sparklers
When I was younger I thought New Years Eve parties would be like what you see in the movies. And by "the movies" I mean old classics with crooners like Bing Crosby or fancy steppers like Fred Astaire. As I got older my vision modernized a bit, but still I pictured New Years Eve as a night full of sequin dresses, loud music, and always that perfect kiss at midnight. For me however my New Years Eves have never lived up to that expectation. I've never gone to a fancy dress party for New Years, or danced the night away, but I've still had fun. Most years my family spends the night bowling! There's usually very little reason to put on something fancy, since you're just going to take off your heels and put on bowling shoes! Still despite the decided lack of glamour involved in most of my New Years Eves, I still usually find an excuse to wear sequins. I've even gone bowling in a sequined dress! I mean, there's just too few opportunities in life to wear a very sparkly dress. If you can't wear one on New Years Eve (even if you're only lighting up sparklers in your own backyard) when can you wear them? So this is this year's glam look; a bold sequined dress from Modcloth and a pile of sparkly accessories that too often collect dust in my drawers! Maybe I should find an excuse to wear sequins and bold earrings on days other than New Years Eve...
aclotheshorse nye sparklers aclotheshorse nye sparklers aclotheshorse nye sparklers aclotheshorse nye sparklers aclotheshorse nye sparklers aclotheshorse nye sparklers aclotheshorse nye sparklers



  1. that's what i expect(ed) from nye parties as well, haha, even though i rarely go to any! but maybe it's something one should organize themselves - maybe one day! you and these photos are beautiful! xx

  2. So beautiful and sparkling, regardless. It conjures up romantic ideals nonetheless!

  3. These photos are so pretty, I love your dress

    Happy New Year



  4. These photos are gorgeous! ♥

    I wish you a very happy and peaceful start of the year <333.

    Sora | http://dangerouslyme.com/

  5. one of these pictures is not like the others!

  6. Such beautiful photographs! Wishing you a lovely New Year ✨


  7. These are beautiful photos! You do glam so well!


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