A Lost Post

woodsbike-25As you can probably tell by the woods in these pictures, these pictures were not taken recently. I believe they were snapped towards the end of November, just before it snowed here when there was still a bit of autumn color lingering in the forest paths near our house. This was the last path to get color so we had a lovely lingering patch of fall in this little trail as the rest of the area near us started to look more bare. Just yesterday I was walking down this path which has turned to an obstacle course of muddy puddles thanks to yesterday's mix of slush and snow. In December it was a stark and pretty landscape with pristine snow dusting each ghostly, bare branch. Now if only spring was a bit closer with its fresh green buds to bring some life and color back into this bit of woodland! Still it's nice to look at these pictures again and relive this golden day. It's also a bit funny because I'm wearing a lovely enamel bear ring by Good After Nine in these pictures and yesterday I was wearing a little snow fox ring by them. So even my animals are changing for the season! Just another way that certain things remain constant while other things change; the woods aren't going anywhere despite their mercurial appearance and my love of quirky rings is a similarly immutable.   woodsbike-20woodsbike-11
beret, old cardigan, top, & skirt, Good After Nine ring
woodsbike-39 woodsbike-17-side woodsbike-28 woodsbike-30 woodsbike woodsbike-9-side woodsbike-7 woodsbike-36
beret, old cardigan, top, & skirt, Good After Nine ring


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