Shopping for a Mini-Break

red frame sunglasses, cherry purse, strawberry basket purse, red flats
It snowed here yesterday; mostly just flurries that didn't stick in our area, but heavier in other parts of Ireland. This is very unusual for our area, last year we were taking pictures along a path we call Daffodil Road because it's always lined with those bright cheerful flowers. This year the road is still barren, the wise little buds deciding to stay inside until warmer weather arrives. We also have been spending most of our days inside because shooting in the cold is always a pain and I've sort of hit my limit of snow shoots for the year. So yesterday in a fit of frustration over spring's delay we looked at flights to warmer climes and found some cheap tickets for a short holiday away in April. Now I'm on the countdown for sunshine and greener pastures--perhaps I can retire my coats and sweaters for at least a few days and trade them for boater hats, red flats, and all the basket bags!


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