Lilac Season

I wear a lot of color. My closet is a myriad of colors and prints only slightly dictated by season; in autumn there's more rust and mustard, but even in spring and summer those warmer tones still crop up. One color decidedly absent from my wardrobe is all shades of purple. It's one color I just don't like. But there are always exceptions to the rule, like this delicate lilac dress by Margu
with its scalloped bodice and patch pockets. The dress style comes in classic navy as well, but for some reason I fell for the lilac version. Soft, pale purple matching the fragrant bushes blossoming in my mother-in-law's garden right now. It's funny how something so quiet can actually be such a large departure from your norm. I still won't be building the purple section of my wardrobe beyond this dress, but this particular dress will get loads of wear this summer. Margu is the sort of brand that designs dresses meant to be worn again and again and eventually passed down through generations. The designs are classic, but personal with sustainability at the center. Fabric is sourced ethically and hand-dyed in the studio with eco-friendly dyes, the buttons on this dress are vintage mother of pearl, and everything is designed and made in a tiny studio in Arkansas. If Margu sounds familiar to you, it might be due to the fact I featured one of her classic dresses last summer; a yellow shirtdress I've worn more times than I care to count and you might recognize from my IG stories where it tends to be repeatedly snapped. It's fun revisiting her collection this spring and finding new pieces to love from floaty gauze dresses to a scalloped jumpsuit in the perfect shade of teal. lilac-20



  1. I haven't thought of wearing lilac this spring! Gotta start doing it, it's such a beautiful colour to work into an outfit! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I actually love the contrast between the lilac and your hair. Glad you made an exception for this one!

  3. iamexcessivelydollvertedJune 5, 2018 at 2:15 PM

    These photos are lovely and I love the dress!

  4. Your photos are always dreamy. I really love the dress, the pockets are awesome!

  5. The purple looks great! And it creates such a nice color pop in your photos!

    And the flowers are so beautiful!

    I personally can't do orange. Like rust and browns are wonderful, but my college colors were blue and orange and I always dreaded having to don bright orange to do the whole 'school spirit' thing, lol.


    - Lindsay

  6. I never noticed you didn't wear purple but this is just the right shade for you and such a dreamy lilac fairytale to boot!

  7. This dress looks soo cute ! Also I love the ring , all your pictures are just awesome. Love it!

  8. Those cows are so darling

  9. Always so excited to discover your new articles, every new serie of picture is so inspiring ! This color looks darling with your hair and skin tone, I love it very much on you. Have a beautiful week !
    Much love from Paris.


  10. Lilacs are my favorite flower. For a long time, I wanted a lilac tattoo so I could have a blooming lilac with me forever! Your dress is so pretty, and the color complements your hair wonderfully!

  11. Beautiful! I have to be careful not to wear dark purple for photos or it makes my face look red, but otherwise I don't mind wearing lighter shades like this. Purple is my mom's favorite color though and she has lots of purple outfuts, so if I wear purple we have to be sure we don't match or we get funny looks. :p

  12. I love purple in my hair, but I have yet to accept it on my body. I have one winter dress in a plum color... that's it! You make that shade of lilac look quite cute, though.

  13. This is so gorgeous! I wish we had so many flowers here <3

    -Jacqueline |


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