Are Squirrel Prints The New Fox Prints?

princess highway bike-2
Trends in fashion pass really quickly. One moment something's popular and next season there's not a whisper of it anymore. Specific animal prints can be one of those trends, but for me and my closet I'm loyal to a few select animals. Foxes as one of my favorite animals are always in high demand for my wardrobe--I find it hard not buying a piece of clothing if it has a fox print on it! I also really adore bees and have amassed quite a bit of bee themed jewelry and a few bee prints as well. But now with this new print from Princess Highway I'm wondering if I should add squirrel prints into the mix. They're pretty darling and also a very autumnal sort of animal/print, which I'm always a sucker for since autumn is unofficially "my season." This wooded path is prettiest in autumn, although it still has its charm in summer and was dreamy on our snowy days last winter. No red squirrels in these woods, although I have been lucky enough to spot one elsewhere in Northern Ireland before. They're sadly quite rare these days, but so striking when you do see one. Still, I don't think squirrels will replace foxes in my wardrobe, as much as I do like this particular print. Do you have a favorite animal print?
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  1. Ooh, I'm all for squirrel prints! Rodents are the cutest (I'm obsessed with my hamster!)! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Squirrels are beautiful! I love your dress nad the cardigan!

  3. The squirrel has a such a pleasing form! I also like the idea of replacing the acorn with something else like a gemstone or other special object or something comical like a donut! Perhaps you have featured it already but did you see this cardigan? It has a horse on it!

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  5. Ohhhhh squirrels are the cutest! I have a squirrel necklace I wear all the time! That cardi is sooooo gorgeous!

  6. I really love the quality of every single photo you post ♥


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