Natural Life

alex monroe-29
Yesterday I left my pastoral settings for the city. I ventured with trepidation to a social event that packed me into a room with a few hundred strangers. At some point during the day Thomas told me to "slow down" because I was moving fast, marching from one point to another as fast as my feet could carry me. That's what I feel like in a city these days--rushed. There doesn't even have to be a reason to rush, but I find myself hurrying up as if I'm late and trying to make decisions in a flash as if catastrophe would occur if I paused, took in my surroundings and contemplated my thoughts for a single minute. When we came back we stopped by the family farm, picking a few plums that had grown ripe on the branch and I felt myself start to breathe again and move at a normal pace. A steadier pace. It's funny how different I felt as soon as we were free of the city; more at peace, more myself. It gets repetitive to talk about it, but yes I do prefer the country life. I like the woods and fields and orchards right on my doorstep; I find it inspiring and calming to listen to the hum of bees and insects and watch the sun sinking beneath a green hill. It's this love of nature that makes me drawn to companies like Alex Monroe, which makes the most beautiful jewelry that looks like natural elements dipped in gold and silver. Their latest collection which we had the pleasure of shooting some pictures of titled "Natural Life" couldn't be a more perfect encapsulation of seasonal shifts and delicate nature. It's inspired by collected leaves, seeds, and twigs, full of rich textures and immaculate details. My favorite pieces are the tiny asymmetrical dandelion fluff earrings; little gold wisps that look as if a strong wind would blow them away. They're pieces to wear here, in the calm countryside or to carry with you when you must venture out of the fields and into the streets--a token of quiet in the wild...


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