Armagh's Robinson Library

armagh library-21
When I put together this nerdy little outfit featuring mostly Modcloth pieces, I couldn't think of a better place to photograph it than one of my favorite local libraries. Just a skip down the road from us, the Robinson Library was founded in 1771 in gorgeous Georgian building in the heart of Armagh. It's not a lending library, meaning those dusty books on the shelves aren't yours for taking home, but rather a research library and museum with shifting exhibitions open to the public. Inside you'll find medieval manuscripts, Jonathan Swift's own copy of Gulliver's Travels (complete with handwritten notes), and a collection of prints from the 15th century onwards. We tend to visit once or twice a year when the weather starts to get darker or family comes to visit--we were shown a number of old maps and atlases of the early American colonies when my parents were visiting. It's a real treasure for history lovers as well as though who enjoy gorgeous libraries with wrought iron spiral staircases and shelf upon shelf of gilded covers. The Robinson Library is free to visit, but depends on donations to stay open. If you're as charmed by this lovely place as I am, consider giving them a wee donation here. And if you find yourself in Armagh, I would recommend dropping by and having a nosey for yourself. armagh library-19 unnamed (1)
beret, pinafore, and oxford heels c/o Modcloth, old Family Affairs blouse, &Mary necklace, H&M socks
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beret, pinafore, and oxford heels c/o Modcloth, old Family Affairs blouse, &Mary necklace, H&M socks



  1. You look so cute, Rebecca! I think my favourite posts of yours have got to be the library posts. Wishing Hong Kong had vintage libraries like this! 💕💕

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Oh my gosh! This location is perfect and matches your outfit so well. I think its wonderful that this library remains open even based off of donations. If I'm ever in PA, I will definitely check it out. Stunning and lovely. They're preserved it so well. xo

    Allison | Peplums & Pie

    1. Thank you, but as Armagh is located in Northern Ireland, you won't find it in PA!

  3. This outfit is beautiful, and that library is a dream! Definitely will put it on a list of Things To See if I'm ever in Ireland

  4. I must say I love your photos in libraries the most ♥ The place looks so magical!

    Sora |

  5. What a beautiful place! It makes me wonder if there are any libraries close to me like this!


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