Vintage Flower Chart Tee in the Sunflower Field

sunflower field-3
I've discovered over the years that I'm just not a tee shirt sort of girl. It's a wee bit ironic I suppose considering I spent many of my formative years in jeans and tee shirts, but these days I never feel quite "myself" in a tee shirt even when I style them in a more quirky way. The truth is I don't think they suit me and my body type. However, no matter how hard I fight them I occasionally find myself falling for one that is too good to resist, especially with tees being so trendy. Every time I look in my favorite stores I seem to find a dozen tempting tees that I'm drawn too no matter that I'm convinced I won't actually wear them! Case in point: this flower chart tee. I mean it has some of my favorite flowers on it; sunflowers (ahem), bluebells, even poppies all rendered in vintage-style flower illustrations. Too irresistible indeed and I actually have worn it quite a bit this summer, proving that there are always exceptions to the rule!  sunflower field-18 sunflower field-2-side sunflower field-22 sunflower field-24 sunflower field-20-side sunflower field-21 sunflower field-13



  1. I love the little neckerchief around your neck. It's a cute look! ❤️❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. This is such a cute look, I love your Tshirt and Skirt

  3. I'm obsessed with floral chart prints, so I'm in love with your top!
    Love how you've styled it with that beautiful skirt ✨

  4. I've noticed this about myself, too; the older I get the less I style tee shirts, even though I have a drawer full of nerdy novelty tees! I used to wear them ALL the time with skirts but I try it now and it just doesn't feel like me any more. This one, though, is gorgeous!

    And that SUNFLOWER FIELD. I love it so much!


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