Pumpkin Queen

One last visit to the pumpkin patch before Halloween. It had to be last the visit to this pumpkin patch since the farmer sold out of pumpkins! Pretty wild since he had a great crop this year (pumpkins do not usually grow well in Ireland), but as pumpkin patches are few and far between here they get a bit mobbed around the holiday. We stocked up early though and now have a selection of pumpkins around the house to carve; I always like the most round ones but Thomas tends to be drawn to quirky ones--the larger and more oddly shaped the better in his opinion! I'm also looking forward to making roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie with the remains. I actually really like savory pumpkin dishes too, but I'm the only one in my household who eats anything with pumpkin! So it will be a lot of baking, cooking, and freezing the extra for later meals for me! pumpkins-9 pumpkins-48-side
&Other Stories sweater, GoodAfterNine cat necklace, old skirt, Miss L Fire booties
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&Other Stories sweater, GoodAfterNine cat necklace, old skirt, Miss L Fire booties



  1. Really cute pictures and who doesn't love pumpkins? I tend to pick up a variety of them. One really big one and several little and medium pumpkins. I also like when I can find the white ones. Great pictures as always! ~Laurali


  2. Gorgeous photos!

    Zoey Olivia | www.zoeyolivia.com

  3. Ah, your pumpkin patches are so much prettier than ours! People absolutely mobbed our local one as well so when I tried getting photos they just didn't work AT all. This outfit is so perfectly cozy for fall!


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