Merry Christmas Eve (and a gift for you)!

ice crystals
I'm signing off the blog for a wee holiday to enjoy this festive season with my family. But I did want to share a quick Christmas post with you and a little present too. I edited these pictures with a wintry preset I created that didn't make the cut in my winter preset pack; it's actually one of my favorite presets but I wasn't sure it fit the "look" of my usual editing so I didn't include it in the end! It's called Ice Crystals and there are two variations of it (bright and dark). These presets are vintage inspired and sort of mimics the look of old photographs and were designed with winter and snowy pictures in mind. Click here to download them. Let me know if you are using and enjoying the presets. I think I will share some free presets from time to time to newsletter subscribers so consider signing up for that if you enjoy this one and my writing in general. Happy holidays!
ice crystals-7 ice crystals-2-side ice crystals-9


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