Embracing Earth Tones

When I was younger neutrals had no place in my wardrobe (a fact easily proven by a dip deep into my archives). I liked wearing color, all the colors; playing with quirky color combinations and wearing tights in every shade from pastel to neon. These days however my wardrobe is no stranger to neutrals and earth tones. I still like wearing color (I mean, brown is a color) but I wear my colors more in spring and summer--seasons when there's more color to be found in the natural world. In winter, when I find the world muted, earth standing hard like iron and water like a stone, I mostly dress in a similar palette. I think that it's just as I get older I want to be in more harmony with my surroundings. I don't feel a need to stand out as much, I don't have a desire to escape--a common feeling I had when studying at my rural college. Instead these days I want to embrace where I am. It doesn't always work, sometimes I still get frustrated with village life, or just frustrated in general (I blame winter), but for the most part there is something to be said about embracing things. To not fight the inevitable; back in college I used to dream about city life, but now I have ended up settling somewhere more rural than my college. Even with my early photography, I wanted to take pictures with graffiti and buildings, but only had the fields and forests around my campus to shoot in. Somewhere along the way I decided to embrace photography in the natural elements, to even love and appreciate it. So, add brown to the things I've only started to appreciate in more recent years. You don't always end up where you want to be, but you do always end up where you're meant to be. tweedy-17 tweedy-12-side
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