Heart of Glass

This post should probably be more appropriately titled "heart of ice" or something similar since I was a bit frozen by the end of these pictures. You can see the lingering dusting of snow which makes these outfit minus the coat just a wee bit inappropriate for the weather. With the coat it wasn't so bad, but how are you supposed to see my cute dress if I keep my coat on the whole time? Ironically in real life I rarely take my coat off in winter--I'll keep it on in restaurants, movie theaters, etc, if I'm chilly. Thomas likes to tease that it doesn't matter what I wear in winter because no one will ever see it underneath my perpetual coat. All the more reason to invest in some cute ones, no?  modvday-6 modvday-29 modvday-2-side modvday-8 modvday-30 modvday-15-side modvday-12 modvday-27 modvday-28


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