Sunshine on Grey Days

This winter has been grey and dreary, but I've been trying my hardest to still get outside and make the most of this season. Dressing in bright colors helps things a bit--a bit of head-to-toe yellow and you're a walking ray of sunshine. I even wore my yellow coat on top of this look! It is still winter, so there's some hidden layers here (bodysuit, slip, tank top underneath my blouse), sheer tights and cozy socks tucked into my wellies, and of course the classic "off camera coat." All the secret layers are worth it though for a bright outfit like this--it's the sort of outfit that makes people smile when they see you and I personally am always a bit more cheerful when surrounded by my favorite shade of yellow. Now if only the weather would give us those snow days we've been promised and my cup would overflow! I miss a snowy winter, although I never would have thought that when I was living in the land of blizzards and scraping your car out of a foot of snow... derrymorey-23 derrymorey-29
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