Five Pieces I Remixed Recently

collagered dress-15
Thinking about sustainability always brings me back to my classic "remix" roots and sharing all the ways I've worn a piece. Clothes are meant to be worn and reworn! So in that vein, here's a few pieces I remixed recently, starting with my favorite red dress that I've had since 2011 and I'm still wearing today! It's simply a Zara dress (so not the most sustainable shop!), but it has stood the test of time in my wardrobe. I'm a sucker for a classic red dress and it doesn't get better than this one for me; crazy to think that 8 years after I first got it I'm still wearing it!  wd-2 wd-4-sideI bought this white dress last autumn with spring and summer in mind. I'm always looking for romantic white dresses to suit the type of nature photography I aspire to. This one looked like the perfect style, so even though it was the wrong season to wear it, I snapped it up and waited for the right weather and season to shoot! I actually got the first chance to wear it in November for an Outlander themed post. It was a dream to wear and shoot, so I'm considering getting it in other colors now. I'm excited to wear it on summer holidays and lazy weekends around the park, as well as for all of my pastoral inspired photoshoots. This dress comes in a few other colors than white and is still in stock (not something I can say with most remixed pieces!). book3 book2-sideEvery book lover needs her own book print dress! I picked this one up a few years ago and it's a favorite. I love this style of dress fitted on top with a full skirt and the fact it's sleeveless--it makes for a perfect layering piece. You can wear it alone in spring and summer, or layer blouses underneath for a more pulled together look. All the different colors in the print also allows you to mix up how you style it; I've worn it with warmer yellow layers, cooler greens, and even gone more neutral with tan and black accessories. For me this style dress is a wardrobe staple; I have several dresses (both printed and plain) in this exact silhouette and style that I wear all year round in a variety of ways.malaga-2 suspender skirtI got this suspender skirt a few years ago and wore it so much that I actually got a bit tired of it! I didn't wear it much last year as a result, but took it back out this year and have been enjoying it all over again. This is part of the reason I like to store some of my wardrobe out of the way in the attic for a few months or even a year with certain pieces. It makes things feel brand new when you pull them out after not having seen them or worn them for awhile. This skirt itself also lends to many wears since it pairs well with so many tops, but also the skirt can be converted to different styles as well since the straps are completely removable. It's another thing I try to look for when shopping for new pieces--how many ways can I wear this?   wh-side
Here's another dress I bought in the autumn with spring in mind. It snuck it's way out of my closet a few times over autumn, but now that it's spring expect to see it a lot more! It's a bit of a dream dress for me; I'm in love with the full sleeves, romantic lace details, and the skirt is so light and swishy it's a dream to move around in. Like my longer white dress above, this one also comes in multiple colors and I'm so in love with this style I'm tempted to buy a another versions of it. When something works I'm always tempted to snap up multiples before it's gone from the stores forever.


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