Song of the Sea

I didn't think I would start March with bare legs at the beach and in truth, I did start this walk in wellies and socks that went straight up to my knees leaving less than an inch of skin exposed--but on a downright balmy day for this time of year (58 Fahrenheit!) I was briefly convinced to shed my coat and wellies at the beach. I even bought out my favorite basket bag from last year; I usually reserve my basket bags and straw hats for spring and summer, so the fact I have this out now shows how optimistic I've been. Spring cleaning has also begun; I've been sorting through my clothes as I do this time of year and trying to decide what to keep, what to store, and what to get rid of. I came across this dress in my re-organizing and knew I had to wear it with my new rings from GoodAfterNine. The dress is old, but you'd think it was made for these rings. GoodAfterNine recently shared a new collection of jewelry, all ocean themed. I couldn't be more excited for the collection as I love everything inspired by the ocean--as much as I love living near the woods, I think my ideal home would be at the edge of the sea. From the new collection I was immediately drawn to her lobster rings because of the amount of detail in them (I don't even eat lobster!). I'm not sure we captured the detail properly in these pictures, but the rings really look like real lobsters delicately tinged in gold. From their whiskers to their claws and expressive little mouths, they're truly amazing pieces of art or tiny sculptures you get to wear on your fingers. Thomas who usually doesn't give two hoots for my jewelry declared them "cool," so expect to see these rings loads in the future (even without the matching lobster dress). lobster-7 lobster-5
lobster-23-side lobster-26 lobster-27 lobster-9-side lobster-24 lobster-21


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