My New Spring Presets: A Bloom Pack

a bloom pack 7 Yesterday my new presets for spring launched and I'm so excited to share them with you! I've been using them to edit my pictures for a several weeks now and in today's post I'm going to demonstrate them to you. The seasonal packs were originally meant to feature 6 presets for pack, but for the last two packs I designed I wasn't able to whittle down my favorites to 6 presets, so once again you have two "bonus" presets in this pack. While a lot of time and work went into these I'm still trying to keep the rate I sell them at reasonable, so it's £30 for the whole pack which comes to less than £4 per preset. There's a Lightroom desktop version, a Photoshop/ACR version, and a Lightroom mobile version, so if you use any of those programs to edit you can use these presets there. This pack is called the Bloom Pack and each preset is named after different things I love about spring!
april showers-4 april showers collage april showers April Showers: This is one of the more warm-toned presets in the pack (there's a mix of warmer and cooler tones throughout) and it's designed to help brighten up grey-er pictures that might be snapped on one of those wet spring days. It can also be used to add a bit of a "golden hour" glow to photographs.
bluebells-3 bluebells collage Bluebells: This is a shady, cooler preset inspired by the bluebells that bloom in the forest here. It's good for bringing out greens, although honestly I tried to design all of the presets in this pack to be kind to greens!
chain tree chain tree collage chain tree-4 Chain tree: A very bright and warm preset inspired by the golden chain trees that draw my eyes every summer.
cherry-4 cherry tree collage cherry-3 Cherry Blossoms: One of the most delicate presets in the pack, this one will work very lightly on some photographs for a faint hint of pink, but can also brighten up more shadowy pictures.
daffodils-4 daffodilscollage Daffodils: This is a more intense preset than some of the others, great for brightening up pictures and enhancing yellows.
lilac-5 lilac collage lilac-3 Lilac: A rich purple-y hued preset perfect for enhancing pinks and greens. Most of the presets in the pack will brighten pictures, but lilac is good for maintaining exposure and shadows.
snowdrops-4 snow drops collage snowdrops-3 Snowdrops: Inspired by the first blossoms of spring, snowdrops really bridges the gap between winter and spring. It's the darkest, coolest preset in the pack.
wild garlic-2wild garlic collag wild garlic-5 Wild Garlic: My personal favorite is wild garlic, it's a transformative preset with a hazy, grey-ish feel that reminds me of the shady paths you find the wild garlic growing in.
All of the examples in this post are edited using the presets and no other adjustments so you can really see what each preset does. It's hard to find presets that are "apply and done" in terms of editing, but I do my best to make them as close to that as possible. Still, I recommend using a preset as a launching point--it gives you the "look" you want and then you can do some minor tweaking of exposure or other details to make the photographs really sing for you! If you like the look of these presets, you can buy the pack here.


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