Please Don't Eat the Daisies

One of the side benefits of visiting my parents is having access to their super sophisticated television; my favorite feature has to be the fact that they have Turner Classic Movies on demand. At their house classics like Bringing Up Baby are just a few clicks away and I always find myself re-discovering some half-forgotten favorite vintage film. On my last visit I ended up watching one of Doris Day's earliest films, Romance on the High Seas. While I don't usually think of Doris Day when listing my favorite actresses her films are almost always a delight to watch. When I think of Doris Day I always picture pastels, chiffon dresses, and spring-time, perhaps from some of her more well-known films like April in Paris or Please Don't Eat the Daisies, or just because those tones suit her own coloring so well. As I put together this outfit I couldn't help but feel my new Emmy Design dress looked very Doris Day worthy. Paired with matching ballet flats and a simple boater hat I feel like the epitome of spring style--bright and breezy. Emmy named this the Picture Perfect dress (PS it comes in a variety of colors and prints) and it really lives up to the name, although I might rename it the "everyday perfect" dress since its clean lines, deep pockets, and classic silhouette make it the ideal piece to reach for on any day of the week. It's a style I wouldn't mind collecting in every color, but this buttery yellow shade is definitely my favorite. Emmy Design always does wonderfully perfect vintage-inspired pieces (I rave about them far too often here) and this season is a mix of spring classics like this and nautical inspired pieces. While I doubt Doris Day was on Emmy's mind when designing this collection, I do feel all of the pieces wouldn't look amiss in one of her films. Lovely for twirling around blossom-loaded trees to the buzz of lazy bumblebees or skipping along a seaside boardwalk. Do check out Emmy Design's whole Spring 2019 collection for more vintage-inspired, Doris Day-worthy pieces; most of the collection is available to ship worldwide now and the rest will be up next week!
emmyspring-34 emmyspring-39
boater hat, Emmy Design Sweden dress (also in stripes, white and red) *gifted*, old ballet flats
emmyspring-4 emmyspring-44 emmyspring-37-side emmyspring-19 emmyspring-55 emmyspring-52 emmyspring-6-side emmyspring-26 emmyspring-41 emmyspring-49 emmyspring-56
boater hat, Emmy Design Sweden dress (also in stripes, white and red) *gifted*, old ballet flats


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