Exploring Benvarden Gardens in Family Affairs

benvarden-32I always love a good formal garden, so while my family was visiting the North Coast we made our way to this hidden gem: Benvarden Gardens. The historic estate was built in the 1630s and the walled garden is believed to have been established around 1788; it's privately owned and beautifully maintained with a variety of interesting flora. Poppies are some of my favorites to see in this season, but I'm also drawn to some more unique flowers like the astrantia we spied on this visit. I love learning new flowers; one day I'll have to start growing them myself...I wore this lovely new wrap dress from Family Affairs and it was a perfect choice for an afternoon exploring the gardens. I'm not usually a fan of wrap dresses; they usually profess to being perfect for people of various sizes and shapes, but I often find them too 'slippery' if that makes sense. The bust is always sliding wider as you move through the day and wrap dresses can cling in all the wrong places and end up being the opposite of flattering, but this wrap dress from Family Affairs has me re-thinking my wrap dress aversion. To me it's all down to the fabric, this one is cut in a sturdy cotton that holds its shape and doesn't move around or need to be re-tied throughout the day. I love the way it's structured and doesn't cling, plus the poppy color couldn't be more cheerful. Suffice to say, this dress is making me a fan of wrap dresses and I can see it becoming a summer staple. Family Affairs clothes are always a worthwhile investment; the clothes are ethically made in small batches and are made to last a lifetime.benvarden-12 benvarden-16 benvarden-side
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