Staying in the Quaintest Village in England

lacockvill-32 So there are many villages in England that can claim to be the cutest or quaintest or most picturesque, but if Lacock Village isn't the most quaint, it is at least high on the list. The film industry seems to agree, since like several other places we visited on our recent holiday to England it has been the backdrop of many a film (including once again the famous Harry Potter franchise). When we plan our holidays we tend to look for quieter places for accommodation, so even though I was visiting "Bath" for the first time and my Jane Austen-loving heart was eager to visit that historic city and region, I ultimately knew I didn't want to stay in the city. I'd much rather spend my evenings in a countryside B&B than in a big city hotel (even if that means sacrificing a few modern conveniences). On this trip we stayed at Sign of the Angel in Lacock Village and it was (pardon the pun!) heavenly. Most of Lacock Village is owned by the National Trust and as such has an unspoiled beauty to it; the Sign of the Angel was built in the 15th century, elsewhere in town there's a 14th century tithe barn, around the corner is Lacock Abbey with its striking cloisters. The village is peppered with honesty boxes for sachets of dried lavender and homemade meringues, there's a delightful bakery and chocolate shop, along with enough pubs and restaurants to keep you from straying far afield.lacockvill-15 lacockvill-7 lacockcollage lacockvill-23 lacockvill-10 lacck lacockvill-14 lackc lacockvill-18 lacockvill-31 lacockvill-27



  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful village! And so fun that it's been the location for so many films! I can see why. Those indoor shots, oh my heart.

  2. Looks amazing!

    Mariya |

  3. This is super-cute! I love how both your orange and white dress blend in perfectly with the village colors too :)

    ~Laurali Star

  4. Did your orange dress actually blend with the brick or did you somehow edit the photo to make them match? That is so pretty. I love the pics with the cat.

  5. Your photos are beautiful! I remember visiting this village for a few hours during a trip and I've always wanted to come back at some point.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style


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