We Got a Puppy!

Meet Solomon! I introduced him a few days ago on Instagram, but I thought it worthwhile to share a wee introduction here as well to our new puppy. He's an Irish wolfhound and as of this post he's 10 weeks old, although being a giant breed he's already quite large and I won't be able to lift him for long. He's been settling into our routine very nicely, although perhaps more accurately we've been settling into his routine! He understood housebreaking right away, but as his bladder is the size of a pea we have to take him out fairly constantly and even at night he's been waking us up several times for a potty break. But I'm glad he's been so easy really; he listens well and hasn't seemed too fazed from moving to a new house. We already had his first vet check-up and he handled that really well too. He's curious and cuddly and already stealing much of my attention throughout the day. It's always been my dream to have a pet Irish wolfhound, so it's pretty amazing to have him become a reality. I'm looking forward to so many adventures with these wee pet and watching him grow.
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