Dusk in the Apple Orchard

Apple season is nearly over. Soon all the picking and gathering on the farm will be done and the Bramleys will be off to local stores and cider presses. I'm looking forward to my mother-in-law's hot apple tart and the crisp juice they press at the farm every autumn. I slipped into the orchard at dusk for one last shoot this season, my trusty companion (Solomon) by my side. The unpicked Bramleys have been getting sunburnt in the autumn light, so the usually green apples are now turning shades of yellow and red (in these pictures you can see a couple of variety of apples have been grafted together on a single tree). With harvest season beginning to close in these parts autumn is in full swing. There's a crispness in the air each morning and more and more leaves are blanketing the lane outside our house. My closet has also completely shifted from spring to summer; a number of dresses and skirts won't see the light of day for several months now but my favorite knits and berets are breathing fresh air again. Some of my favorite pieces to wear each autumn are Emmy Design's vintage-inspired knits, so I was very excited when she got in touch about shooting some of her new pieces and colors. Her entire autumn/winter collection this year is knitwear; stylish, retro cardigans in every conceivable color, snuggly sweater dresses, nerd chic vests, and woolen skirts. I immediately fell in love with the fair Fair Isle cardigan in plum...well I actually fell in love with this style in plum, cinnamon, navy, mustard, pine green, etc, but it would be excessive to have every single color, right? So I chose the plum shade and it's honestly so warm and lovely; it's made from 100% merino wool which is incredibly soft and warm (not itchy at all). I look forward to wearing it for many autumns to come.emmyapples-21 emmyapples-31
emmyapples-27-side emmyapples-44 emmyapples-52 emmyapples-46 emmyapples-37 emmyapples-6-side emmyapples-42 emmyapples-50 emmyapples-54 emmyapples-34 emmyapples-25 emmyapples-10 emmyapples-9


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