Exploring Ards Forest Park in Lighthouse

lghthstwd-16Donegal is one of my favorite counties; it's not too far away from where I live and it has some of the most stunning landscapes I've ever seen. The only downside to Donegal is the weather. Frankly it's awful. I mean, if you get the weather in Donegal I can't imagine a better place to be, unfortunately you rarely get the weather. We've been to Donegal numerous times and always spend a good portion of our trips there either holed up inside by a peat fire or grinning-and-bearing it through persistent rain while we continued to explore the coastline and crumbling castles. This was my first time visiting Donegal in the autumn and I came prepared with a cozy down jacket and merino wool scarf woven in Ireland, both from my favorite local brand Lighthouse Clothing. I've talked about Lighthouse before as I love their rain jackets, but this is my first time wearing pieces from their autumn and winter line--thankfully the R.D.S. certified down jacket didn't disappoint despite it being windy, a mere 50F degrees (10C), and a few patches of mizzling rain! I stayed dry and warm enough to enjoy exploring Ards Forest Park with trails that bring you from sandy beaches to woodland walks and rocky peaks. Which is the idea behind Lighthouse: clothes that help you stay outside exploring in every weather condition, a necessity when exploring this island. You don't always get the weather, but there's no reason you can't still get outside and find that bit of quiet in the wild. I used to think I spent quite a bit of time outdoors, certainly more than the average person and then we got a dog. Now my time outdoors has at least doubled if not tripled! Solomon likes cooler weather and isn't bothered by rain, so we're often outside chasing him through a drizzle and stumbling across new discoveries. He found a hedgehog the other night; thankfully I found him with said hedgehog before either animal could come to harm! Solomon also enjoyed exploring Ards--it was his first time at the ocean and while he wasn't too sure about the waves he did a lot of running through the sand and ferns. Trying to keep up with him in these inclement conditions will mean more wool scarfs and down jackets for me!
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Lighthouse Lara down jacket (also in redyellow) & wool scarf woven in Ireland
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