The Fox Beret

foxberet-31 foxberet-33
It's no secret at this point that I love fox clothes, but as much as I love them I do try to not buy all the fox things. Not everything with a fox on it fits my personal style or lifestyle or budget. For example, this fox beret is one item I have debated getting for ages. It is just my style: foxy, a beret, rust colored, etc, but I did worry that maybe it was too juvenile for me. Something I've written about quite a bit lately, so you can probably tell my age is weighing on my mind. It's all well and good to say "age doesn't matter, wear what you want" (and honestly I do agree with that sentiment), but it another thing to just turn off that little voice in your head that makes you question yourself. In regards to this beret, something changed and I just thought, "why not?" I mean fox clothes make me happy and I wear berets loads, so it makes sense to get another fox item that would get a lot of wear. It might have taken me a few years to finally bite the bullet and get this hat, but now you can probably expect to see it every week on the blog from now until February! I've been trying it on with various outfits in the mirror and it instantly makes every outfit approximately 100% times cuter. It also inspired me to finally break out my foxy purse as well. The purse is Niels Peeraer, a Belgian designer that makes very unique handbags. I've loved this bag for ages as well, but never thought I would own one until I stumbled across this used one on eBay. I do wonder what my next foxy purchase will be. Maybe one day I will have an entirely fox themed closet... foxberet-19 foxberet-47-side
fox beret, plaid pinafore (sold out, similarlace blouse, rust mary janes
foxberet-43 foxberet-37 foxberet-22 foxberet-5-side foxberet-44 foxberet-15 foxberet-35 foxberet-28-side foxberet-23
fox beret, plaid pinafore (sold out, similarlace blouse, rust mary janes
*edited with Pumpkin Patch & Damsons presets from my Harvest Pack*


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