A Classic Plaid Shirtdress in Autumn Woods

One of my favorite fashion-y things is when a brand takes a piece they've already perfected and re-releases it in a new color or pattern. I mean it just makes sense: you already have the pattern, you know your customer likes it, so why not keep re-releasing familiar pieces in new colors or fabrics? I'm surprised more brands don't do this every season, but I'm happy to say Joanie just did. They took their classic Pepper shirtdress (which I have in red) and released it for autumn/winter in a cozy plaid flannel and it is a dream!  plaiddress-13 plaiddress-17 plaiddress-34-side
plaiddress-29 plaiddress-21I already knew I liked this dress as I wear the red one loads and the flannel version is so soft and warm and rendered in the lovely dark colors perfect for this season. The lines of rust in the plaid pattern suit my wardrobe to a tee, so I'll be wearing it loads with my favorite tights and cozy knits. The weather is definitely calling for bundling lately as we inch every closer to winter. There's no signs of snow in our region yet, but I have my fingers crossed we'll get a least a few flurries before winter has closed its pages. To experience every season to its fullest is really my goal and it just doesn't feel like winter (despite how cold and icy it gets!) without snow... plaiddress-18 plaiddress-28 plaiddress-32 plaiddress-9 plaiddress-26 plaiddress-30 ;eaffy5



  1. The last shot is just magical, I love it so much! I know you've written about being self-conscious about trying new things in photography, but I think you should totally experiment more often (as long as you feel like it, anyway!) 🧚‍♀️🦋

  2. I'm a long-time lurker, but I had to leave a comment about how fun that last photo was. It was so whimsical! Also, that dress is just perfect!

  3. That cardigan was so lovely, I had to visit the store and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that they use older models to display their clothing! And by older, I mean anyone above their early 20s, as the cut-off point for many a person's modelling careers. It made me almost as happy as seeing their wonderful selection.

  4. The last photo is beautiful and so creative. We've actually already had snow (although it has melted after a week or so, but I'm sure we'll get a lot more). I hope you get snow where you are though :)

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  5. Rebecca, where did you get that belt. My initial is R too, love it.

    1. It's from the brand Rouje; it's kind of expensive but I figured it was something I could wear again and again forever potentially and all my cheap-y brown belt were falling apart! :p


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