The Perfect Rust Dress for Autumn

A book I read recently (about fairies) took place partially in a realm called "the autumnlands." In this book different regions were ruled by different seasons; the character grew up in a land of endless summer before being swept off into the autumnlands. I could have eaten up whole chapters of descriptions of these autumnlands. I mean, can you imagine a more perfect realm? rust-17Trees are continuously dropping leaves, yet you never get the barren branches of winter. There's a chill in the air, but it's not bitingly cold. And of course everywhere is bathed in the constant glow of gold and rust leaves. If there's any area that could capture the spirit of these fairy autumnlands, I do believe it is where we took these pictures. Underneath the shade of towering chestnut trees that have already cat their leaves and nuts onto the earth, there is this wild, madcap growth of beech saplings. Most are only a few inches over my own height and all of them are flush with leaves in firey shades creating the most surreal little pocket of autumn I've ever seen. When I was trying to find a location to photograph this lovely rust dress sent to me by Traffic People, I couldn't have dreamed up a more romantic scene than this one. For more romantic and autumnally suitable dresses check out Traffic People (their Black Friday discounts start today too). rust-2-side
rust-10 rust-35 rust-25 rust-19 rust-37 rust-20-side rust-36rust-5
Traffic People dress, old Good Looking Objects necklace


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